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Make Money Online Passively With This Startup Program I Wrote for Beginners!

Make money online automatically with my automated system designed for beginners. Even if you have never made money online before this system is for you!

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. Automation and website design expert
Search Engine Optimization, Ranking expert and Sales-psychology expert
Computer troubleshooting and repair expert
Author and writer Located in Honolulu Hawaii

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Everyone should be able to make a little money online and even a full time income on the internet. The problem I see is people trying to take advantage of beginners and startup internet marketers by charging so much money for an automated service that you cannot afford to stay with the automated income system long enough to begin making money online working from home. There are systems out there that cost $99.00 per month! That’s a ridiculous expense for the average person to have to pay with just the hope of making money online.

Fortunately As a Programmer I Was Able to Do Something About It So EVERYONE Could Benefit and Make Some Extra Money Online

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing?

It’s one of the faster and easier ways to make money online as long as you don’t make the common mistakes I see from beginning online affiliate marketers.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

A lot of companies have affiliate programs. Companies such as Walmart and Sam’s Club for example. Those companies are harder to get into. Affiliate management companies are easier to get into and it’s free to sign up. Three of the more well known affiliate management companies are Clickbank, Amazon and Commission Junction.

  • You sign up with one of these companies free. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you which one’s to sign up for first.
  • You’re given a special link representing the vendor’s product
  • When people click the link and buy the product you receive a commission!
  • For digital products such as ebooks and software this commission can be 50% to 75% commission of products ranging from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars!

How NOT to Try to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

The average person who signs up to market an affiliate product promotes his/her special affiliate link directly. Usually using social media such as Facebook selling groups where everyone else is trying to sell something.

Do you see a problem with this? If so continue reading….

Doing what everyone else does above

  • You never get found by the search engines such as Google and Bing
  • You must promote daily to attempt to make money online
  • You’re starting over everyday

With My Ridiculously Low Investment Online Program and System Here’s What You Do Instead to Make Money Online Passively

Sign up with Clickbank first. I told you I’d tell you which affiliate management company to sign up for first. After signing up take a look at the categories so you can tell me on which one you’d like a website with your very own website address.

Sign up for my program to make you an affiliate OF AN ENTIRE CATEGORY of Clickbank digital products which will pay you a commission of 50% to 75% of digital ebooks and software ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars! For the ridiculously low price of a $30.00 setup fee and $9.95 per month which includes a domain (website address), hosting for your website and my automated affiliate program.

Despite the tremendous advantages of the full version of this automatic income system for beginners, a very few have emailed me stating they could not afford $9.95 per month. I want to help. It's where my heart is. Therefore I now have an economy version of my automatic online income system for beginners. Click here if you must purchase the economy version of this automatic income system for beginners to get more information.
Auto Income System

After signing up for my program to make you an affiliate of an entire category of Clickbank products, you’ll be directed to a simple Google Form. Be sure to fill that out so I’ll be able to help you.

Email me if you have questions Computerhelp808@gmail.com

Final Thoughts

I hear so many people say I wish this, I wish that. Most recently I heard a man say I wish I had more time to spend with my daughter. The man is working two jobs. I told him about the program I was writing. He said, “Sign me up”.

My program wasn’t ready then. Now I have to find him. You have the potential here, at the very least, to make some extra money without having to know a thing about internet marketing. More importantly I’ve priced this so the average person can use it long enough to begin making a profit.

I’m asking you, stop wishing and start wanting and doing. Follow the directions above….

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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