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Get A REAL Custom Multi-Income Website for $5.00 Per Month!

What's a Fake Website?

A website which depends on another website to exist. It's actually referred to as a subdomain.

They're unprofessional

Do not inspire confidence

Do not motivate the visitor to spend money.

Let me give you an example,
Please'Share With Social Groups By Copying The Link Up
and let me be clear I mean nothing against either company I mention. Imagine you're searching for Sears and you click on the website

Sears.wixx dot com

Would you be surprised Sears didn't have its own website?

Are you inspired to buy from them?

How's your confidence after finding a professional company uses a subdomain?

That's How People See You!

If you're using a 'free' website or a website given to you by your mlm, networking marketing or direct sales company people are not inspired to buy from you. To succeed in business you must;




Yet another problem that MLMers, network marketers and direct sales independent business owners have is the loss of income when people do not type in the exact subdomain from the company.

So What's The Solution Rick?

'Wow you're a genius. I'm in awe!'

Fred Dalit (before I was even done)


I know you've heard how expensive websites are to have built. My best custom built website comes with a price tag of $1495 for setup and $34.00 month for maintenance and hosting. Now I know I'm losing money by being honest, but most of you don't need that! You just need a simple single page website which presells your product or service and links to the main sales page WITH YOUR PROPER LINK SO YOU GET CREDIT!

You also need a catchy domain name (website address) that looks good on a business card (yes you'd better be using them) and has keywords in it to help the search engines find you! This domain CANNOT be a subdomain which looks unprofessional and can change at anytime!

Quixar (from Amway)

Pre-Paid Legal


Are just a few examples of HUGE companies that left their independent business owners in a marketing and advertising lurch when their domain name changed having an affect on ALL subdomains! If or when this happens to you, wouldn't it be nice to just have to change one link near the bottom of your own REAL web page?

A single web page site is perfect for the small business person who just wants a web presence to compete with his/her fellow business-people involved in similar businesses. This type of website for the small businessman should be geared to

Give prospective buyers contact information

Get social media followers

So you can use those contacts to make more sales!

But Rick Most Hosting for Websites Charge by The Year Minimum. I Can't Afford That!

That's why I'm doing this monthly and for a limited time, NO SETUP FEE!


Warning: Legal Stuff

Let me be clear on buying a domain for your website. It's costing me more than the $5.00. So, if you cancel, this domain will be considered the property of me, James Richard Kirkham. You may purchase the domain back from me for a minimum of $150.00 if we both agree to help cover my losses in money, time and any purchased services for you. The website itself is under my name James Richard Kirkham and is and will be considered my property. The files and scripts I use to build the website for you will be included with the transfer of the domain name for the minimum of $150.00 if we both agree to the terms.

End Legal Stuff

This isn't actually much different than domain companies and website hosting companies. If you read the small print they claim ownership of your domain and website.

Okay,That Legal Stuff is Now Out of The Way

Now Onto Your Bonuses!

I know, bonuses for only $5.00 per month? How can I afford to do that for you? Simple, my nickname is becoming popular, 'The Automation Man'.

I Wrote Two Online Programs to Help You Make More Money Online and Get You More Content and Traffic to Your Website

Yes, they come free of charge as part of your website.

Kirkham's Clickbank Affiliate Web Page and RSS Feed Generator

It runs a little slow since the new hosting and I'm working on redoing the program, but when the page loads it gives you the ability to become an affiliate of all the Clickbank products based on your search results through the program. Read the instructions on how to sign up for Clickbank for free. If you send me yo'r 'eed link, which generates with your page, I'll include the list of products along the side of your web page. Clickbank vendors pay 50% to 75% commission. This program may be written into your custom $5.00 website at no charge!

Kirkham's Web Page Generator Through RSS Feeds

This program I wrote is so new I don't even have anything written up on it yet, but here's what it does:

Gets free on topic content from article submission sites

Generates a separate RSS feed so you can automate content to social media.

Generates web pages based on the feed

Generates an index page which lists the articles

Between listed articles a link to follow you on social media

Generates social media buttons on the left of the content so you and guests can share your web page

Between listed articles an on topic offer to a product in which you receive commission or your primary product or service page especially if you're a network marketer

When visito's 'lick on the article to read the first page that opens is YOUR PRIMARY PRODUCT OR SERVICE PAGE IN WHICH YOU RECEIVE COMMISSION OR CREDIT! Right next to that tab is another tab with the full article.

Here's An Example Website for Only $5.00

My wife's going to think I'm nuts for giving this design away at this price. Note this example doesn't even have a primary sales page. I just used a code to copy the contents from the main index article page to the main page of the website. Also note the use of

Affiliate products on the right which pay commission

Social media buttons on the left that both you and guests may use to promote your website or articles

The same features and products on auto-generated web pages from my program which provide on topic content help you with your search engine ranking which makes it easier for new customers to find you. The program I wrote looks for fresh content every time someone visits the main web page.

Now if you click on one of the articles, notice this takes to a web page on the website. This helps with search engine optimization (SEO) to help customers find you through the search engines. Notice the web page opens in a new tab so your main index page is still available to your customer. Now click the link on the web page that opens to read the article.. '

What opens? That's right! The main product or service offer. The full article is just to the left of the primary product page

Here's Another Example This Time with a Main Sales Page

In this example Fred has a product from a direct sales company. The company has a product for which I designed a website called www.500ChannelsCableFree.com . I used movie review articles from an article submission site for content. You can see a few of the articles along the main page on the right hand side. Don't worry they don't distract. If you want to read an article you go to his main sales page first..

I also had him register with Amazon as an affiliate since the product he represents requires an Android device or the Amazon Fire TV Stick. These too are on both his main page and automatically generated article pages.

You want to talk about personal service for $5.00 per month. Fred and I texted over a few days before I finished his website. Try getting that service from a faceless company in another country for that price.

Rick, I Don't Know How Long You'll Have This Offer, So How Do I Get a Website Like This Now?

Remember I told you it would cost me more in the beginning to get your domain name than the $5.00 you'd be spending the first month for your custom, multi-stream income website. Because of that I'm going to give priority and a big thank you to those who will pay every four months. I'll even knock two bucks off the total cost!

Click Here to Order Your Website for $18.00 Every Four (4) Months

If you can't afford that it's okay don't worry. I'm just glad you're doing this. My price is this low right now because I believe in what I'm doing to help people break out of the crazy loop of having no website whatsoever with their own domain (website address).

You'll be redirected to a form after you order.

Click Here to Order Your Website for $5.00 Per Month

Next write up your sales pitch or product (or service) description for your index page and send it to me as a word doc by emailing me at computerhelp808@gmail.com including pictures if you want them on your index web page. I may tweak it for sales and SEO.

Your first month will not be a complete month since I'll be building your website. Give me up to two weeks to complete it. Yes I'm overestimating my time it may take but, I'd rather you be pleased it's done early than frustrated it's late.

Wait a Minute Rick...

"I love the automation on this website. To be able to continue with my busy schedule and have more on-topic content placed on my website without having to lift a finger is indeed a blessing. However, I'd also like to write my own posts, articles and advertisements. Do you have an upgrade so I can write my own posts?"

This is a Good Single Product or Service Design

You get all the benefits listed above and a WordPress website format to make it easy to post your announcements, articles and advertisements.

Order this now for no setup fee and $19.95 per month

Cancel anytime, but note the agreement above under "Warning Legal Stuff"

For Multiple Product Websites and Additional Designs Click Here

But do something. Thought without action, does nothing but maintain.

These prices will go up as my ability to keep up with order declines. No joke folks. Supply and demand. So order now and seal in your price for one of these multi-stream income website.

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

Just do this,


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.